Welcome to L.I.N.K Approved Accreditation


Congratulations on taking the first steps to making your academy an industry leader in training.

Here at L.I.N.K we understand that one of the most important things your academy wants is to offer training that not only complies with industry regulations and standards, but also gives your students the confidence they have chosen to train with a company who is dedicated to their learning.


By choosing to have your academy accredited by L.I.N.K you are leading the way for industry standards by offering your students unprecedented support and a L.I.N.K to some of the best trainers within their chosen career path.

Once your academy is approved by L.I.N.K you will have access to some of the best insurance packages around for not only your academy but for your students as well.

Who are we and why should you chose L.I.N.K

We are a technician and trainer lead company, with more than 20 years combined experience in this industry and as such can help your academy become one of the best as we know first hand what this takes.

We have ourselves gone through the process of training through different awarding bodies, and the one thing we continually came across was the impersonal nature of qualifications, a one size fits all, however we know this isn’t the case and so we have established L.I.N.K to make the process more relevant for today’s industry and students.

We understand that in today’s climate students are expecting more from training and our aim is fill this gap. Training doesn’t end on the last day of the course, it continues for the life time of your career and as such we want to offer a pathway to continual learning and development to all L.I.N.K academies and their students

As a PMU L.I.N.K accredited academy you will receive

A logo which you can display on all social media platforms, certificates and documents so prospective students can recognise your academy as an industry lead academy who is dedicated to ensuring their training is current and of the highest standards.

Your academy will be included in PMU L.I.N.K promotions and advertising.

Your students will have access to the PMU L.I.N.K website at a reduced rate of £250* for 12 months access saving over £100 on membership fees.

You will be first to hear about upcoming events and offers.

*Payment must be made in full upon joining to benefit from this discount

Meet The Team – Barbara Cameron

Having over 15 years in the beauty and makeup industry, Barbara extended her career into SPMU in 2012. By 2013 Barbara had created the very well known name of “Mrs Makeup”.

Barbara has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and so in her quest for perfection has attended numerous courses and workshops with not only UK academies and trainers but those further a field and quickly became one of the most notable and sought after technician in Glasgow.This also lead to requests of many for Barbara to offer training herself.

Barbara began her training academy and has used her knowledge and experience to develop her own particular style of training which she has become renowned for.

Barbara had the idea of developing L.I.N.K with Naomi back in 2017 as an industry relevant training portal. A place where technicians could go to learn from trainers they admired but may not have had the opportunity to see or learn from before. As the idea grew into reality it became so much more. It became apparent that the industry was also craving knowledge but very often obstacles would make it difficult for this to happen and so L.I.N.K accreditation immerged.

Meet The Team – Naomi Waite

Naomi has over 20 years experience in the beauty industry and over 15 years in SPMU.
Naomi has been running a successful salon “Naomi Waite Aesthetics” for most of this time as well as being a very successful trainer in the beauty industry, in 2013 Naomi began to offer training in Micropigmentation under her “Elite colours” academy. Naomi has hosted courses with several international trainers and brings an energy and enthusiasm to everything she does.

Naomi has a deep passion for her industry and a relentless enthusiasm for success for not only herself but for those she trains and was one of the first to establish a social media platform for technicians to look to for support and advice as she was conscious that this was the missing L.I.N.K in the industry, this opened up the UK industry to a world of technicians and trainers that had never before been possible.

The combination of both Barbara and Naomi have made PMU L.I.N.K the extraordinary success that it has become today and their endless search for knowledge and boundless enthusiasm for learning makes them the perfect combination for an ever growing industry.