Insurance Information


 PMU L.I.N.K is an accrediting body and not an insurance broker, we do not insure your course, however by having the L.I.N.K approved stamp on your course we can give you access to some of the most comprehensive insurance available to both your academy and your students.

The below insurance companies recognise and insure L.I.N.K approved academies and their course.

As an accrediting body we cannot advise on which insurance an academy must choose.

It is the responsibility of each academy to ensure that they have the appropriate insurance in place when offering training.

This must include:

Public liability
Professional indemnity
Medical malpractice and treatment risk
Product liability


Once your academy has been approved by L.I.N.K and Insured your students will also be covered under this insurance whilst working at the academy(please read all documents for any exclusions)

Once the student leaves the academy they must have their own personal student policy in place. It is recommended that students pay particular attention to the detailed documents regarding unsupervised portfolio work to ensure they have the appropriate cover. Please see below a list of insurers who recognise and accept L.I.N.K approved training academies and courses.

Holistic Insurance

Tel – 01327 354249

Web –

Email –

Insync Insurance

Tel – 0330 1240730

Web –

 Email –


Salonsafe Beauty Hair & cosmetics insurance

Tel – 0330 124 0730

Web –

Email –

Link are accrediting body and as such do not offer insurance. It is a condition of your accreditation that appropriate cover is in place in order to undertake training. Any academy found to be in breach of this condition may have the accreditation status removed as per terms and conditions.